The T-shirt project

Why that T-shirt?

Slogans on people’s T-shirts are often eye-catching and quirky; they reveal something about the person wearing them. This project features a photograph of a person I happen to see somewhere, and a line or two about their T-shirt.

F., who’s French, had slung on his boyfriend’s sweatshirt. On a trip over to see his lover in Berlin, he didn’t have anything clean left to wear. I pounced on him and took a snap. And what do you know, it was mass ware from a major retailer. Pretty cool, though.


Hollie, from Nottingham, works in my local coffee shop in Berlin. She bought the T-shirt in a shop next door called Kauf Dich Glücklich (literally, ‘Shop Yourself Happy’). And the message — well, that’s self-explanatory.

IMG_0715 (2)


This waitress in Berlin, who didn’t give me her name, said she was just looking for a black T-shirt for work and didn’t care what was written on it.



Andrej liked this T-shirt because the question suggests what he believes: why follow a fashion? Each person is an individual.


This was Chris’ last clean T-shirt. It was a present from his aunt. He likes its political flavour.


David is a fashion photographer in New York city. He’s sporting the T-shirt that became an “unlikely feminist rallying cry” after Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman”.



My friend F. arrived for a drink wearing this sweatshirt. He described it as the “classic conundrum”. Do we believe him – or not?


This man was texting on the street when his T-shirt caught my eye. He spoke no English or German, but I understood he is Hungarian had bought his T-shirt there. The rest will remain a mystery.

It's weekend bitches

I spotted Lucy in a supermarket in Ibiza. She’d seen this T-shirt in Camden Market and knew it was hers. I particularly like the Rennie Mackintosh font.


I guess this showroom dummy in St Petersburg will never be able to tell us why she chose this T-shirt. But we might well ask ourselves what the manufacturers were thinking of.


Inspired by the Chris Crocker viral video, Joy from New York City made this T-Shirt. I wasn’t sure if she was a Britney fan (I think so) or was just jumping on the bandwagon.



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